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Superior Pipeline Company, LLC was formed in 1996 by Bob Parks with Unit Corporation as a partner owning 40% of the company. In July 2004, Unit Corporation acquired the remaining 60% of Superior, at which point Superior Pipeline Company, LLC became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Unit Corporation. In April 2018, Unit Corporation sold a 50% equity interest in Superior to SP Investor Holdings LLC, which is jointly owned by OPTrust and funds managed and/or advised by Partners Group, a global private markets investment manager.

Currently, Superior conducts its business in the midstream segment of the natural gas industry. Superior engages primarily in the buying, selling, gathering, processing and treating of natural gas.

Superior has grown rapidly over the years, expanding from its Oklahoma roots where it continues to operate, into operations in Texas, Kansas, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Superior currently employs a workforce of approximately 126 employees.

Superior currently owns and operates three natural gas treatment plants and 12 gas processing plants which provide 323 MMcf/d of processing capacity.  Superior also operates 21 gathering systems with over 1,500 miles of pipeline in Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.